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Kids with Capes

Empowering parents, supporting children, enriching families. Raising Harts.

Whether you are active within Neurodiverse communities or are feeling overwhelmed after a new diagnosis--you have come to the right place.

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Great Read Alert!

Across the Spectrum : Mother's of Autistic Children Speak

“Reading each of these stories made me feel seen. I laughed, cried and felt power in knowing I wasn't alone. When you have an autistic child it's impossible not to feel isolated and scared. This book reminded me that I'm not alone; that moms of autistic children can be there to empower, empathize and experience this unexpected yet beautiful journey together. I highly recommend this book to any mother raising a child on the spectrum."
-Candice Hartford 

Pick up your copy today with a 2/$20 offer and 40% of sales will go to to Raising Harts

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It's time to build your village

Our mission is to grow a warm, supportive, and empowering community for families with neurodiverse children. By providing safe and inclusive, and judgment-free events for these families we can enrich their lives and grow together. They say it takes a village - let Raising Harts be yours!

Raising Harts has brought so much to not only my two Autistic children but also me! It has given my kids the opportunity to just be kids and has given me the opportunity to enjoy them just being kids with No stress in a supportive and non judge mental community.

Ellen Sheckleton

While it's been wonderful to watch Charlie interacting and having fun with his peers at some of the events coordinated by the amazing work of Raising Harts, our entire family has really been able to benefit from meeting other families who share our common challenges and walk in our same shoes, so to speak.

Brian & Karyn Shuell

When our youngest Colton was diagnosed we felt alone. There weren’t enough support or community events that would or could support our child. Raising Harts has provided that support and more.

Jessica Pratt

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