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Our Community
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Our Community

The Raising Harts community is an empowering community of families with neurodivergent children. When we all join together to enjoy events, share resources, and encourage each other, we can create enriching experiences for our children.

What People are Saying

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The Pratt Family

When our youngest Colton was diagnosed we felt alone. There weren’t enough support or community events that would or could support our child. Raising Harts has provided that support and more. Once I got involved it meant events that my child and his brother could participate in together. It allows for a space to let my child freely be himself without judgment from others. It allows us as parents to connect with other parents, share ideas and be supportive of each other.

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The Sheckleton Family

Raising Harts has brought so much to not only my two Autistic children but also to me! It has given my kids the opportunity to just be kids and has given me the opportunity to enjoy them just being kids with No stress in a supportive and non judgemental community.

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The Vital Family

Our very first experience just felt like home. My girls were free to be themselves and I could sense the energy from the other parents; comforted knowing that everybody else in that room truly understood. My kids smiled the entire time. I think that says it all. 

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The Shuell Family

As any parent with a special needs child can tell you, some days can be really difficult to manage.  Actually, they can be incredibly difficult.  A trip to a local park, a day at the beach, a stop at the grocery store are not often colorless events for our family.  But, as Charlie’s father, I think some of the most challenging times can be those moments when alone with the thoughts and trepidations about the future- “who will take care of Charlie when we’re gone someday?”, “does my spouse have enough daily support from me?”, “as we are unable to do some of things that other families can, are our other children getting enough from us as parents?” So, while its been wonderful to watch Charlie interacting and having fun with his peers at some of the events coordinated by the amazing work of Raising Harts, our entire family has really been able to benefit from meeting other families who share our common challenges and walk in our same shoes, so to speak.

Our Founder

Our Founder

Raising Harts was created on behalf of my twin boys, Keaton & Grady, and their sister, Isla. When the pandemic hit, like everyone else, the boys' usual activities, social engagements, and therapies were stripped away and their routines were drastically changed. During that time, we as a family struggled with isolation, and our need for community grew. It became my mission to create safe experiences where they can just be kids and I could just be Mom. One thing I know is that when special needs parents combine their powers, we are unstoppable.

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